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As a child, born and raised in Colorado Springs, my fondest memory was that of playing in the woods, on the rock, and in the creek of Cheyenne Canyon.  At the entry of this canyon is an estate that is littered with many imposing metallic sculptures. The grandeur in their size and the grace in their forms has fed my dream of "what I want to be when I grow up".  The name of this sculptor is Starr Kempf, his creations have been an inspiration to me, not only by turning me on to art, but in the present to create.  After high school in Colorado Springs I found my way to Durango. There I attended Fort Lewis College and earned a degree in Fine Art. Thanks to many professors, they allowed me to explore my need to create and learn through trial and error.  During this process I pursued my longing for metals.  I taught my self new ways to use metal as a medium; to print with zinc, to develop photographs on steel, to paint on aluminum, and to weld and form various metals. I was extremely fortunate to find that these new talents could actually make me a living in Durango. I have been able to create a healthy balance between my minimalist forms as an artist and my clients needs for function. 

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